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This invitation is for all heart-based healers, Lightworkers, Light Leaders, Change Agents, Activists, Shamans, Intuitive Energy Healers, Life Coaches, Yogis, Trance Dancers, Goddesses, Witches, Priestesses, Movers & Shakers, and all who have heard the calling and are ready for more & are ready to take their gifts to the next level.

The Awaken the Sacred Divine Leader Within training is for you if... 

  • You know you are here for a reason & you are ready to step into your Sacred Divine Leadership
  • You feel the calling to be a light leader and birth the new paradigm.
  • You have been on your own self-healing journey & you feel you are wanting support, sisterhood, more tools, and are ready for expansion & are ready to up-level.
  • You are ready to let go of anything that is holding you back from the magic inside that is alive & awakening inside of you.
  • You are ready to activate your authentic voice and march to the beat of your own drum.
  • You are ready to make a positive impact in the world & be part of the solution
  • You are ready to awaken your authentic voice & develop the message you have to share with the world
  • You know who you are and you are ready to step into your confidence so that you can powerfully lead.
  • You are ready to step powerfully into your leadership & become unstoppable.
  • You are craving a community of supportive women and/or men who will walk beside you as you step powerfully into your sacred divine leadership.
  • You would like to learn more about the Sacred Divine, Patriarchal thinking, and what it means to birth the new paradigm.
  • You are committed to healing the wounded Queen/King Archetype
  • You are committed to honouring and embodying Sacred Power.
  • You are committed to transforming your wounds into wisdom and your wisdom into your superpowers!
  • You would like a grounded foundational understanding and overview on how to embody leadership so you can bring your gifts to the world
Join the Sacred Divine Leadership Waitlist

Leaders of the New Paradigm Sacred Divine Leadership & Conscious Creation Circle.

Join us in sacred ceremony, prayer, and mediation as we raise the vibration on the planet together and consciously create the new paradigm together.

We meet around the energy of full moon magic. Register below to be added to this sacred divine conscious creatrix community.

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"I believe that you are here for a reason, a purpose, & once you are able to align with who you are,  what you have come here to do, & align with your particular brand of magic then all doors will open, & everything will unfold for you. I am here to support you in your awakening journey." ~ Schamet Horsfield

Schamet Horsfield

Transformational Sacred Depths Practitioner, Clear Beliefs Coach, Clairvoyant, Light Leader, and Creatrix of Awaken the Priestess Within which is an Online Mystery School & 10-month Priestess Training.

Schamet was the private healer/therapist for the film crew that made Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, and the Hobbit in New Zealand for many years and now I live in Sweden and run a Global online healing practice where she teaches & guides others on their awakening journey.

She is passionate about helping people become more aware of self-limiting beliefs, abundance blocks, unhealthy patterns, and whatever might be holding them back from consciously creating the life of their dreams.

She loves to powerfully guide women & men upon their empowering journey of transforming wounds into wisdom and wisdom to superpowers.

With her gifts and particular brand of magic, she can see blind spots & negative patterns, create awareness so that her clients can break through abundance blocks & transform limiting self-beliefs. She works with clearing generational wounds/patterns, deep soul/energy clearing, healing the inner child as well as cutting & clearing of psychic chords that could be draining the energy field. She helps guide & create new and empowering beliefs as well as create new & empowering patterns that anchor in the change that is needed to live an abundant life on all levels.

“I believe that when you change your beliefs you can change your life. I help people claim their power and become unstoppable.” -Schamet Horsfield

Testimonial Reviews from those who have worked with Schamet

"My Chakra healing with Schamet was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life so far...she is a truly wonderful soul." -Jane Cary

“Schamet is an inspiration! After only the first base chakra session out of seven with Schamet, I have been inspired by her teaching and example to take control of my health and make healthy choices to improve my body. A month on from that 1st class, I am now feeling so much better. I have zest and energy I had forgotten I ever had, I have lost both my ravenous hunger and 8 KGS! A couple of days ago I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and the first thing she said to me was, “your voice has changed. It's clearer, deeper, and you're not wheezing like you usually do.” And then she asked me what I’m doing differently. So I explained to her that I have been doing Schamet Horsfield’s Journey Through the Chakra classes and that we just finished the throat chakra class. I also told my friend that since the throat chakra class I felt I had found my voice and felt stronger in myself to use it. My friend said she felt very inspired to try it herself. I am going from strength to strength with Schamet by my side."

~Heather Main- Artist

Artwork by: Christine Winters

I just completed a 7-week manifestation course with Schamet. It was amazing, I learned so much about myself, my beliefs and how to make manifesting a wonderful future both exciting and fun. I had many “ aha” moments, Schamet has a gift for making you feel completely comfortable while keeping you incredibly motivated and focused. Being part of a group of wonderful women was both beautiful and very beneficial as they too had their wisdom and stories to be shared. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to manifest an abundant life. It’s a game-changer.

- Ruthie StoffelsPhotographer & Coach

I've literally just come out of a session with this bright and brilliant Priestess, and I am deeply grateful for the work I have just been able to do in her sacred container. I call her a Priestess because of where and what she can access. I have carried this wound for so long swaddled deep inside me. I was so unaware of the power this wound had in my life. I already knew there was really nothing 3D that would benefit me. I have been trying to reclaim this part of myself for years. This work could only be done in me with someone who could make the multidimensional connections. Guide me to the stellar truth and bring the work and the messages from these higher dimensions. Her love is vast and transmissive, her heart is a golden open gate. She has the power to bring new awareness to you so sweetly, that your whole self runs to embrace it. Schamet held me as sacred, she fearlessly moved with my vided imagination in guiding me to the new place, new thought, and new belief. I needed to hear something new, and what I received has caused a rebirth in me. My eternal thanks Schamet.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED~Rachel Rose Little Crow-Third Generation Healer, Oracle & Priestess

Thank you so much for the tools you shared and the practice we did together in a very safe space you created for us. I love working with you. You helped me a lot to see, accept, and step into my power so that I can be of service for the highest good of many.

I highly recommend working with Schamet if you want to heal, transform, and shine.

Beate Gehricke-Reiki Energy Healer

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